Legal services

We advise on every aspect of the law.

See below for examples of services that we offer for each branch of law.



  • Legal advice
  • Drafting, reviewing and commenting on all types of contracts and agreements (e.g. purchase agreements, mortgage agreements, contracts of donation, contracts for work done and material supplied, loan agreements, license agreements, lease agreements and other unnamed tailor-made contracts)
  • Court and out-of-court dispute resolution
  • Debt enforcement (even in the enforcement proceedings)
  • Representation in inheritance proceedings
  • Drawing up wills and inheritance agreements
  • Drawing up deeds of disinheritance
  • Appointments of legal guardians
  • Resolving neighbour disputes
  • Termination and settlement of co-ownership arrangements
  • Ownership determination
  • Defective goods or works remedies
  • Representation of consumers
  • Recovery of damages and unjust enrichment
  • Representation of clients in personal injury disputes
  • Any issues related to associations of unit owners
  • Personality rights protection
  • Foundation, modification and winding up of associations



  • Legal advice
  • Representation before courts (including courts keeping the respective registers), arbitration courts and arbitrators
  • Representation before the Trade Licensing Office
  • Incorporation, transformation and restructuring of companies and cooperatives (including mergers, acquisitions and demerges)
  • Winding up of companies and cooperatives
  • Organization of general meetings and meetings of corporate bodies
  • Representation of clients at general meetings
  • Corporate ownership structure modifications
  • Amendments to deeds of foundation, memoranda of association and articles of association and their filing with the Commercial Register
  • Increasing and reducing company’s registered capital
  • Share purchases in public and private companies
  • Share pledges in public and private companies
  • Drawing up director’s service agreements,
  • Commercial contracts
  • Drafting, reviewing and commenting on all types of contracts and agreements (e.g. purchase agreements, mortgage agreements, contracts for work done and material supplied, loan agreements, license agreements, lease agreements and other unnamed tailor-made contracts)
  • Debt administration and enforcement (including enforcement and insolvency proceedings)
  • Representation in insolvency proceedings
  • Security of debts (including guarantee and transfer of a right as security)
  • Drafting terms and conditions
  • Comprehensive legal services for clients running e-shops
  • Legal advice when establishing and selling/buying a medical practice
  • Trademarks



  • Legal advice
  • Drafting, reviewing and commenting on purchase agreements, contracts of donation and mortgage agreements
  • Deleting mortgages registered in the Real Property Register
  • Drafting application for the registration of ownership in the Real Property Register
  • Representing clients before the Real Property Register Office
  • Purchase price escrow
  • Review of the property legal status
  • Contracts and other documents necessary to create easements and servitudes over a property
  • Drafting, reviewing and commenting on lease and sublease agreements involving houses, flats and commercial premises
  • Drafting, reviewing and commenting on usufructuary lease agreements (agricultural lease)
  • Drafting notices of lease and sublease termination
  • Preparing and drafting an owner’s declaration (in cases of division of a house into units and non-residential premises)
  • Representation in unlawful lease termination proceedings
  • Enforcement of outstanding rent (including the enforcement proceedings)
  • Post-termination lease settlement and accounts
  • Drafting, reviewing and commenting on contracts for a transfer of a right as security
  • Drafting agreements to liquidate and settle divided co-ownership
  • Representation in court disputes, including ownership determination proceedings
  • Property eviction
  • Issues related to the superficiary right of building
  • Comprehensive legal services for real estate agents



  • Legal advice
  • Criminal defence services (including economic and property crimes)
  • Defence in criminal proceedings involving juvenile offenders
  • Representation in pre-trial proceedings and court trials
  • Filing remedies against appealable and non-appealable judgments and decisions, and filing constitutional appeals
  • Attending interviews
  • Drawing up written motions and pleadings including a report on a crime, an appeal against prosecution as well as other types of remedies
  • Drawing up applications for release on parole or conditional discharge
  • Representation of victims before law enforcement bodies and courts in relation, without limitation, to the recovery of damages or compensation for personal injury suffered as a result of the offender’s conduct
  • Accounting for damage and recovery of compensation for unlawful criminal proceedings
  • Representation of legal entities in criminal proceedings



  • Legal advice
  • Contested and uncontested divorce
  • Modification and termination of community property regime
  • Settlement of community property
  • Child custody issues (sole custody, alternating custody, joint custody)
  • Visitation arrangements
  • Child and family support (children, dependents, spouses, ex-spouses) - award and review
  • Child and family support enforcement
  • Interim injunctions
  • International child protection






  • Legal advice
  • Representation before tax and customs authorities
  • Tax enforcement advice
  • Bills of exchange and promissory notes (drawing up, enforcement of claims and representation before courts)
  • Issuing securities
  • Representation before the securities depository



  • Legal advice
  • Representation before administrative bodies (including appeal and review proceedings)
  • Representation in zoning and building proceedings
  • Representation in administrative infractions proceedings (including traffic infractions)
  • Drafting appeals against administrative decisions
  • Drafting administrative actions and appeals
  • Representation before administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court
  • Public procurement
  • Personal data protection and GDPR (data protection officer, review of the adopted measures, representation before the Data Protection Authority, defining data protection principles, preparing data protection documents)



  • Legal advice
  • Representation of employers and employees before courts
  • Drawing up agreements to complete a job, to perform work as well as contracts of employment
  • Drawing up agreements on employee’s liability
  • Employment termination issues (agreement, notice, summary dismissal, termination with immediate effect)
  • Salaries and severance pay
  • Employer’s and employee’s liability for damage
  • Accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • Drafting company policies (including salary policies)
  • Occupational health and safety issues
  • Unlawful termination disputes



  • Legal advice
  • Debt discharge
  • Balance-sheet insolvency
  • Registration of creditors in insolvency proceedings
  • Drafting insolvency petitions
  • Representation of creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings (including insolvency-related disputes)



  • Legal advice
  • Temporary residence, permanent residence, long-term residence of foreign nationals
  • Residence extension for foreign nationals
  • Visa for foreign nationals
  • Visa renewal
  • Acquisition of citizenship
  • Green cards
  • Blue cards
  • Employee cards
  • Asylum issues
  • Representation in related proceedings



  • Drafting constitutional appeals and representation before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic
  • Preparing applications to the European Court of Human Rights and representation before the ECHR




We offer a broad range of legal services to cater for all the needs of the management of municipalities, civil servants as well as citizens.

  • Legal advice
  • Checking contracts and related documents
  • Attending meetings of municipal councils
  • Recommending courses of action
  • Consultancy related to the steps taken by municipal, town or city authorities, including the use of the property (compliant with the principle of due managerial care)
  • Public procurement consultancy
  • Debt enforcement (even in the enforcement proceedings)
  • Preparing background documents for decisions of municipal, town or city authorities
  • Consultancy and other legal services for institutions funded from public budgets and municipally owned companies
  • Consultancy in issues related to Act No. 106/1999 Sb., on free access to information



  • Funds (in cases including, without limitation, transfers involving real property, shares or securities), and documents (including last wills)
  • under an escrow agreement made with the client.




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